Systems Integration

Electro Controls has been installing control systems since 1982. Over this time, Electro has installed systems using many different communication protocols (proprietary, BACnet, LONtalk, Modbus, etc..). Electro currently utilizes BACnet as our primary protocol of choice because we believe it is the most robust and established of all the options. That said, Electro continues to integrate different systems and equipment using other industry standard protocols, as well as older proprietary protocols.

Electro Controls can integrate multiple systems and equipment into a common graphical user interface. This includes HVAC systems to security devices. This makes it easier and quicker for the owner to get access to the crucial data they need, and to take appropriate action to maintain performance and efficiency.

As integration experts, Electro can make different systems work in concert with each other and provide additional value through increased information. This can make expansion plans and retrofits much simpler, by giving our customers the freedom to choose the right system for their building.


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