Lighting Controls

Electro Controls has been a Delta Controls partner since 2003. Delta Controls offers a number of solutions for lighting control. Whether it be retrofitting an older building’s lighting system or lighting control for a new construction building.

For retrofit applications Delta designed their controllers to match the style of relay used. The Delta Lighting Control G series is for use with GE RR relays, while the Delta Lighting Control P series controller controls Panasonic 2-wire relays used by a variety of relay panel manufacturers. Updating to Delta Controls offers you the ability to upgrade a variety of existing lighting relay controllers without the investment of changing out the panel.

All Delta Lighting controllers are BACnet BTL listed to assure that operators get the highest level of interoperability and functionality out of their lighting system. Powerful freely programmable operation allows the user to determine the ideal strategy for controlling their building.

Having the lighting control system combined with Delta’s HVAC System can help process all of the information for an area or building and make intelligent decisions as to how the lighting and HVAC are adjusted, reducing building energy costs in both lighting and heating/cooling loads.

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