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Electro Controls has been providing and installing HVAC control systems 1982. In 1982 Electro controls became a Staefa Controls Partner and is still supporting and upgrading those systems today. In 2000 Electro Controls became a Tridium Certified Partner and started primarily using Tridium as the Front end/Graphical User Interface. In 2003 Electro Controls became a authorized Delta Controls Partner. Delta Controls is Electro primary line of controls for new installations.

Front End / Graphical User Interface: Tridium is a world leader in business application frameworks—advancing truly open environments that harness the power of the Internet of Things. Our innovations have fundamentally changed the way people connect and control devices and systems. Our products allow people and machines to communicate and collaborate like never before.

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Delta Controls has a complete range of HVAC controllers provide a top to bottom solution covering all HVAC applications from large central plants down to zone terminal units and sensors.  Delta controllers share information making sure your buildings systems work together maximizing both comfort and energy efficiency.

High density I/O capabilities: The modular flexibility of the enteliBUS control system makes it ideal for central plant applications. The enteliBUS Control System is comprised of a powerful Automation Engine which provides the control logic for a selection of I/O modules covering all common input and output types.


System controllers:  Our Ethernet based range of Delta System Controllers have communications, controls and input and output points, all in one self-contained unit.  These powerful controllers can be freely programmed for all types of plant applications and can be expanded with additional field modules.



Application Controllers: Delta’s DSC/DAC line of general purpose programmable controllers have the power and flexibility to handle any application.  There are several model options covering applications from small zone terminal equipment through to large air handlers.  The DSC/DACs are native BACnet communicating controllers which means they ‘speak’ the most well-known and accepted language in Building Automation.  This means they not only communicate and pass information between themselves, they also easily integrate and share information with any other BACnet enabled devices in your building. They are fully programmable controllers allowing easy customization of the control sequence to meet your site specific requirements.

Network Sensors: The DNS line of network sensors combine multiple input options such as temperature, humidity, CO2,  and motion with and a local user interface into a single attractive wall mount unit.  The local interface includes a display screen allowing the occupant to see the status information such as the current zone temperature.  Pushbuttons allow the user to adjust parameters such as temperature setpoint to suit individual preference.  (Within limits set to balance individual comfort control with energy efficiency.)  Combining these functions into a single network device frees up inputs on the parent controller, provides reduced unit cost and easier installation. For places were its hard to get wiring to such as glass walls in atriums or vestibules Delta also has lines of wireless EnOcean and ZigBee temperature sensors.

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Peripheral Components: It takes more than advanced controllers to control systems; it takes efficient and dependable peripherals as well. Electro Controls uses a wide range of peripherals from industrial actuators to simple circuit relays. We utilize top quality peripherals with proven performance and reliability to provide the best possible products for your particular application.  

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